CarArenaio Game - New Car .io game Online is a new io game and is a mix between and Grand Theft Auto. In this game the objective is to kill pedestrians to gain experience and level up your car, destroy lower level players, and dominate the leaderboard. As you play, your car can get damaged, and you have to make sure to keep your health above 0 in order to survive. Cararena io is new multiplayer .io game like slain boxing on the arena, only you control the car. Your goal is to destroy the cars of other player, get levels and upgrade your car. Enjoy and share with your friends! Car Arena is a multiplayer racing io game, where you run over pedestrians and other drivers to gain experience and level up your vehicle. You kill lower level players by driving into them, but you have to watch out and not crash into buildings or higher level players which will kill you. It is a mix of Grand Theft Auto with Agar io style gameplay. Get new cars and upgrades by leveling up, which give you an advantage to kill other players, to climb the leaderboards. Do you like extreme? Then a new game IO «» is designed specifically for those driven crazy as you. Join the global community of fans ioshnyh racing and start playing. But before you sit behind the wheel, remember the four basic rules. Firstly, do not hit the building - is a deadly option. Second, run down and kill the single pedestrian, it will add you points. Third, destroy opponents lower level. CarArena is no ordinary car io game, it's about smashing people and other cars. Become the last car in! How to Play 1. Don't crash into buildings, otherwise your car will get damaged 2. Kill all pedestrians in sight 3. Press space or click your mouse for a nitro speed boost 4. Crush level players by driving over them 5. Stay away from higher level players, because they can cause damage to you can kill you CarArena Strategy A strategy for CarArena is to kill pedestrians while looking for lower level players around the map. If you see a higher level player, it is advised that you leave the area immediately and stay away from them the second you see them, even if there is a lower level player in sight. If you happen to catch a lower level player alone, press spacebar or click your mouse continuously to use the nitro boost as many times as possible to try to catch up to them.

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